Pug puppies for sale in Dubai

Sometimes playful and clownish. Sometimes calm and dignified. Always sturdy and stable, good-humored and amiable. This is the Pug.
Though peaceful with all the world (people and other animals), the Pug will sound off with his rather odd-sounding bark when visitors arrive. Then he will welcome them inside with snorts, snuffles, and grunts.

As is the case with most short-faced dogs, his large expressive eyes, wrinkled forehead, cocked head, innocent expression, and strange sounds bring out parental feelings in many people.

Indeed, a Pug is very childlike and always wants to be with you. If not spoiled too much, he can be depended on to maintain his sweet, comical, charming personality.

Though stubborn, Pugs seldom get into real mischief. Adults spend much of the day day dreaming

Pug puppies for sale in UAE

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